The Eyes of a Child

A World of Dreams and Fantasy
That reaches out to touch us all,
It brings us back to childhood
And allows us each to recall.

When life was simple and so pure
And troubles were far from mind,
A rabbit hidden among the clouds
Was something easy to find.

A frog or marbles in a pocket
Brought happiness and smiles,
When riding your bike around the block
Meant you had explored for miles.

A quarter meant that you were rich
It could buy a bag full of things sweet,
Old Navy blankets and Mom’s sheets
Created hideouts where friends could meet.

Fireflies caught in an old jar
Became your living night-light,
You watched with all the wonder of a child
When at last they were allowed to take flight.

Those days you may say are all gone now
But I tell you not for good,
Just take the hand of a child
And return to the neighborhood.

You will find it just as memory recalled
So take time to enjoy it once more,
When you can see through the eyes of a child
You will never close that door.
                                                    TA 2002


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