I watched you cross the room
And my heart fell to the floor
You didn’t see it coming
As your face hit the door.

I held my mouth tightly
To keep the laughter in
Cause laughing at a retard
Has always been a sin.

You stumbled to your left
Then spun to your right
You looked like you were dancing
Lord help me what a sight.

I hoped you’d gain your footing
And maybe not fall down
But luck wasn’t with you
You stupid little clown.

My throat started to burn
And my sides started to ache
I knew what was coming
Oh this had to be a mistake.

You turned to look my way
And opened your mouth wide
As your foot hit the ledge
And you tumbled over the side.

I heard you screaming loudly
As I ran to take in the view
I couldn’t stop the laughter
Over what had happened to you.

Then the world got quiet
And I realized with a fright
The body on the pavement
Was mine this cold dark night.

TA 2005


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