Can’t Leave Home without…

my BIG stripper purse, haha.

Ok I answered this one already but as I was thinking about it again I decided I had to answer it a second time….

What can’t I leave home without Plinky asked…Well that would have to be my “magical little bag”.

I think the invention of the “purse” was the downfall of womankind. While the initial intention was an honorable one over the years it has gotten bigger and bigger and thus requires women to carry more and more crap because they have to fill it up. Sad part is that if she doesn’t have enough stuff to fill it one of two things then happens. Either she will find or buy more stuff to put in it or others will take notice and she will end up carrying their crap for them too. After many years of back aches from lugging a  10 lb purse around everywhere I went, I found a bad in a thrift store that is exactly 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. It hold my cell, my license, one credit card, some spare cash and change and a pair of glasses. My family laughed when I brought it home, but now 3 years later I have learned that if it doesn’t fit in that little bag…I really don’t need it. My arm and back feels better and I never have to worry about hearing…hey mom…can you fit this in your purse for me…anymore!

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