I don’t want to be happy today
Let the blues have their way.
Cry a tear if I feel
Leave me alone it’s no big deal.

I’m tired of trying to explain to you
What it is that makes me blue.
All you want is the happy me
Go away and leave me be.

I really don’t want to make you mad
But you piss me off and make me sad.
When all you do is ask me why
So disappear and let me cry.

Maybe tomorrow a smiling face
Today I’m in my little dark place.
It’s where I go when I am weak
Close your mouth and do not speak.

The words you mumble as you go by
Make me hurt and want to die.
You just can’t see that you’re the one
That brings the pain that makes me run.

Just go away and leave me be
Maybe someday you will see.
You’re the one that makes me blue
The pain I feel is caused by you.

TA 2007

  1. Thats wonderful!!!

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