Widow Spider


She carries within her the weapon used to bring him to the web,
Like a beautiful spider she dances in and out of the moon light,
Spinning crystal shards hoping to hold what she demands must be.

Each strand just one more desperation of her young heart,
She only invites those she can feed off of close enough to view her work,
Knowing that when the sun comes up the glass with crumble the truth layed bare.

His eyes reflect his fate yet he can not reconcile his heart,
He is bound to honor his mistake but longs for his freedom,
He places his weight upon the delicate glass, praying for darkness to remain.

He can not look at her in the light because he would have to tell the truth,
She will be his end when morning comes,
And he resents her for what she has taken from him.

TA 2006


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