The Best Musical Performance~

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OOOHHH I LOVE MUSICALS! With out a doubt there are two that are equal in my mind. Both were star-studded with performers who were truly talented, fearless and entertaining. They gave 110% to creating an evening to remember and left many in the audience with tears in their eyes. Even now, 20 something years later I can close my eyes and hear the exuberance in their souls when they sang and feel the excitement in their voices. No neither of these performances were ever up for and award or even given national recognition but each and every one of them on stage deserved it. So what musicals could I possibly be talking about?

Plaza Elementary’s “A Christmas Celebration” starring the students from Kindergarten to 6th grade in 1985 and the Walker Middle School 8th grade Choir, performance at the District Championships in 1982.

There is nothing more joyful to the ear than the voices of children singing.

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