Celebrity Status?


I was asked if I could interview any Celebrity who would I choose and what would I ask? First, I would have to hold a group interview that would include, Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods, Linsey Lowhan and Snookie to act as representatives for Music, Sports, Movies and TV.

My questions would go as follows:

Do you believe that you are a "celebrity"?

How much money do you really think you should earn for what you do?

Do you believe that being called a "celebrity" grants you the right to behave any way you like without having to be responsible?

and finally…

What have you contributed to this world of such great importance that you should be seen by others as a "celebrity" and be afforded all the perks and privileges that those such as, the single mother working 2 jobs, going to school and raising her kids without government help or the fireman risking life and limb to brave a fire to save someone, or the policeman putting his life on the line for something as simple as a traffic stop or the doctor who refuses to give up on the kid who was shot in a drive by or the thousands of service men and women who step into the front lines to protect me and you without hesitation, NEVER receive?

I will never understand why people we find worthy to be called “celebrities” don’t earn the title and the ones that should be called “celebrities” are not rewarded for being such.

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