How do I deal with a Shadow?
That won’t stay locked in the past
Just a memory and a feeling
That was never meant to last.

It returns just to haunt me
Trailing nothing but doubt in its wake
Speaking word of longing
Offering friendship far to fake.

It asks not to be forgotten
Even thought it has a life its own
It professes hearing sadness
Beneath the roof of my home.

It comes here unexpected
And stands my nerves on end
It tries to rekindle something
But I refuse to bend.

It doesn’t seem to understand
It does not belong here
It can not grasp the meaning of
Bone deep tension and fear.

What is it that it hopes for
By coming out of the night
All it does is stir within me
The desire to stand and fight.

I will not let it in our lives
I will not let it take hold
Go away, do not return
Stay a memory till we are old.

TA 2002

  1. Finally something worth reading!!
    Thank you.

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