New Place, New Adventure~

Having grown up in a military family moving was a way of life for us and as a child I learned to love the excitement of a “new place” because it meant new friends, new adventures and new experiences. When I married my husband was also military so again moving was a way of life for my new family. From the east coast to the west and back again we packed and unpacked and I still loved the adventure of it all. When he left the military, the wanderlust stayed with us and we taught our own kids to love the opportunity to be somewhere new.

Now that I have reached that “mid-life” stage one would think I was ready to settle down but that is not the truth. In fact my urge to move is stronger than ever but there are really only a few places I would consider living these days.

1. Fiji or the Islands because I long for the days spent by the water, relaxing, fishing and enjoying the breeze.

2. Australia ~ because the lure of wide open spaces and nature entices me.

3. South America~ because the sights, sounds, and culture inspires me

And finally

Virginia, Texas or Georgia ~ because each holds a small piece of my heart in the form of loved ones I miss.

Actually just spin the globe or open a map…pick and spot…and let’s go!

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