A Walk by the Sea

A Walk by the Sea

My little brown and furry friend
Shall we go out to play?
The sun is shining the breeze is warm,
On this bright and beautiful day.

I gather your up and head out the door,
For a walk beside the Sea,
You and run and jump and chase the crabs,
While I lay beneath this tree.

I close my eyes and drift away,
While you dodge the rushing tide,
Sadly you don’t see the bird above,
Until he makes his glide.

With talon out and his wings spread,
He dives to grab a meal,
Omg it’s not that fish,
It’s you he wants to steal!

You bark once and I open my eyes,
Just in time to see,
The bird of prey ascending the sky,
Carrying you away from me.

Now as I stand here all alone,
Your leash still in my hand,
I curse myself for taking you,
To play upon the sand.

Damn, now I have to foot the bill
To buy another pet,
Maybe I should try a horse,
Them maybe I won’t have to fret.

About the bird who likes to eat,
Fido and his buds,
Problem is if the horse takes a leak,
The entire apartment floods!

TA 2006


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