Poetry has always been a personal passion of mine. Maybe I got it from my Mom who could sit down and at the drop of a hat produce a poem for any occasion. Maybe I got it from my Dad who loved to read and encouraged me to never pass up the chance to open a book. Maybe it just comes from my love of words.  No matter where this passion came from it is something that lives in my soul.

Until now the only person that I usually would share these with was my Mom, because I knew she would always give me an honest opinion, and because the emotion in many of them is so raw I just didn’t trust myself to be that open with anyone else, but now that she is gone I just feel this compelling need for some reason to let go and share them.

I hope that as you read along I will be able to touch a part of you with these simple words. Each one has its own story and reason for being in my world, but maybe you will find that they speak to you as well.

Enjoy and as always…comments are more than welcome.


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