It’s all just Social Media Faux Pas…

What the heck is a social media faux pas? Everything the media does these days could fit that category. The media from print to radio is intrusive, obnoxious, opportunistic and self-serving. Just watch any news broadcast and you will understand that the “media” is playing a game of social faux pas. The sad part is that we as consumers buy into it all and allow our darker sides to laugh at the misfortune of others, scoff at those suffering pain and loss, ridicule those we don’t find intelligent and in general delude ourselves into thinking we are better than most. We don’t care about truth as much as we care about sensationalism and until we change our demands of the media on all levels they will continue to “entertain” us with faux pas after faux pas until we begin to believe that the very same is actually acceptable human behavior.

No thanks…


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