Is he really dead?

Unless you have been hiding in the dark in some closet I am sure you have heard the news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. I personally don’t know how I feel about this news. Yes, it is justified and I am not morning his death but I do have questions about the timing, location and reporting of this world-changing event. Here’s why….

For almost a decade now we have been hunting this man on foreign soil. We, that being the American public have been told  he was hiding in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria and that he was in a compound, cave, tent or riding a camel to 7-11. We invaded Iraq because of him, yet ended up killing Saddam instead for some hidden weapons. In all this time not once do I think our government had been forthcoming with the truth and that applies to both the Bush Presidency as well as the Obama one. Really, we are talking about a well-known and easily recognizable face here. He stands taller than most and was reported to be on dialysis. He apparently had access to TV, video and News as evidenced by his many released statements yet with all our military intelligence we could not find him till now? That question haunts me because my personal opinion is that we have known for a long time exactly where he was but that killing him sooner would have been of NO POLITICAL ADVANTAGE and that thought makes me sick! What am I talking about you ask…well let me break it down because there is a rather nasty looking history here.

FLASH BACK:  Bush invades Iraq declaring we are looking for weapons of mass destruction. Now we knew they had them because we supplied them years before, but we also knew they were no longer there but Bush had a great “political” excuse and he used it. Upon our invasion and when the news broke that they couldn’t find these weapons, we were then told we were there to liberate the citizens. There was even a brief mention that Osama and Saddam were working together at one point which just gave more credence to our invasion. That was quickly squashed by our government because they knew that it would be far to easy to discredit. BUT…Bush had a re-election looming not far off and here was the opportunity to increase his popularity ratings. YES it backfired and we installed Obama in his place but it was a kick ass POLITICAL ADVANTAGE.

MOVE FORWARD: Obama is elected not on his political stand of the war still raging but for other much more obvious reasons. Amidst that victory we hear almost immediately questions being raised about his ability to be president because of a missing birth certificate. For better than half of his term he has refused to discuss it, produce it or validate the concern…NOW suddenly this mystery birth certificate appears and we are told by him that he decided to produce it ONLY because he did not want the politician or public to be distracted or lose focus by what he felt was a trivial matter. It was just a perk that Donald Trump was a convenient excuse (and the worry was he would run for office). THEN as if the timing couldn’t have been more perfect about the same time we now are told that Osama was found and killed.

So now I have to ask…Why did they really wait a week to release this information? Why did they dispose of the body so quickly? Why do they not state they are 100% sure it was him but now say they are only 99.9% sure? DNA testing? Was that really necessary? Are our “special forces” not trained to KNOW their target before killing him or her? I think I smell something funny here, don’t you? AND all this with a re-election looming in the near future!

Ok now lets look at where they found him. In a MILLION DOLLAR COMPOUND NOT A CAVE visible for miles! Clearly this guy was not hiding from anyone! So tell me again why we couldn’t find him till now? This compound was close to a major school for military training as well. We had access to this area. We had military there and NO ONE ever made the connection till now?

Finally, the newest bit of news is that they are trying to decide if they should release the photos of him dead? Why wouldn’t they? We as American sat through days on end of the video footage and photo’s of all those we lost in 9-11. We sat through days of photos of Saddam’s beheading. As a course of reporting the daily news we sit through gruesome and horrific pictures of mans violence but THIS we are too puritanical to handle? Well speaking for myself I want to see this first hand! I want to KNOW that it was him so I am going to do what they won’t….Post a link to a Pakistani TV report that has it first hand.



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