For some time now I have had this post floating around in my head while I tried to put it together in a way that didn’t make it come across as judgemental, but I am afraid that it may just end up sounding that way, so I do apologize if you find offense with this one. Keep in mind it is just my opinions and like all opinions you are free to think what you want about it.

  POPPIN…a term I use to explain a new facination people seem to have with finding “everything” they are lacking in their life, in the form of a pill or liquid. All one has to do is watch 60 minutes of TV these days and you will see ad after ad for these little wonders in a bottle.

   Want bigger boobs…..take this pill                                    
   Need to lose a few pounds…take this pill or drink this
   Want fuller hair….take this pill
   Breath smells bad…take this pill
   Need help “getting it up”….take this pill
   Want longer nails….take this pill
   Need to relax….take this pill
   Need more energy…drink this
   Need to sleep…take this pill
   And the list goes on and on…It seems that today one only needs to “pop” to be happy, fit, smart or beautiful.

   Ok, so I see ya rollin your eyes and asking what wrong with this. Well as what should be “intelligent” adults, true you are able to make the choice to “pop” or not, but sadly it is not confined to just adults “poppin”, we have a whole generation of kids following suit and lord help me we even now are starting to see things available for infants.

   The clever manufacturer’s of these “little gems” use every trick in the book to get us to hop on board the “poppin” train too. Just watch some of these TV ad’s.

Wow...he lost the weight, got a tan, tight abs and a grand "package"!

You will be treated to “before” and “after” photos of how Dick and Jane lost 50 pounds in 4 weeks eating everything in site because they were “poppin”.

 There are smiling women telling you how Bob now satisfies everyone in sight because he can do it 100 times a night with his “poppin”.

You have the girl who just can’t seem to stay awake after 2 in the afternoon, but when she “pops” it’s a miracle…she can finish her job and dance till the sun comes up then head back to work thanks to “poppin”. I mean really…who wouldn’t want to live this kind of “non-stop” life?

  So, whats next? “Smart pills” so you can get that promotion? “Money pills” so you don’t need that promotion? “Confidence pills” so you can get a date? (oh wait no need for this one since we now do all our “dating” on-line where we can be anyone or anything we want…but I will save this for another time) “Baby pills” so you can decide before hand if it’s a boy or a girl? Hell, soon we won’t even need a grocery store. You will be able to visit a “Pop-In” where you can buy pills and liquids for every meal. Hum…that might be convenient.

Think about it…kitchens in homes would become obsolete only to be replaced by one tall cabinet to hold all those goodies. Packing the kids lunch would be a snap too…just need a pill container and your all set. No more spoiled left overs or fish smells in the house…Ya know the more I think about this the more I can justify it. Now that is scary!

                                                There is only one problem. The human body was not designed to live off “poppin”. We are already seeing evidence of that with all the “lawsuit ads” that fill the air waves between “poppin” ads.

  So what is the point of all this anyway you may be asking. Well, there really isn’t a point I am trying to make, its more of just an observation really and maybe as you sat and read this you too will become more conscious of what it is your putting in your mouth and why.

LIFE LESSON: There is a consequence to every action so maybe before we end up with that new “kitchen” and kids that are living life from a bottle we should step back and learn to deal with life without a pill. It can be done you know, you just have to put in the work.


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