Happiness Is…

Waking up in the morning
Because it means I have one more day to do it right and fix what I did wrong the day before.

Hearing my grandbabies laugh.
Because it reminds me what simple joy is all about.

Watching my kids become adults.
Because it confirms that I was a good Mom when I see them making good choices.

Spending time with my husband.
Because I remember why I liked him so much.

Spending time with my dogs and squirrels.
Because they are happy to just sit with me and do nothing.

Having a house full of people.
Because there is always laughter in the air.

Making someone else smile.
Because it gives me a reason to smile.

Doing for my family.
Because it makes me feel as if I am still needed by someone.

Creating something out of nothing.
Because it forces me to use my imagination.

Having friends who know what being a friend is really about.
Because it means that I will never be truly alone in this world.

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