Ok here it is Labor Day weekend and instead of being able to relax and enjoy some down time, I am awake and running by 7:00 am and that makes me Gwumpy!

   On top of that I was treated to some more of my favorite “stupid news” as I tried to pry my eyes open and stumble to the coffee pot. Really people…what has happened to common sense? So here are some of my ‘GWUMPY THOUGHTS’…

  1. There seems to be some discord at one of our local colleges over the ability of MINORS to drink on campus. It seems that many of the college students today think drinking has become an “accredited class” and something EVERYONE does regardless of age. This conflict started when the campus police in conjunction with the local police cracked down on the “tail gate” parties preceding the Saturday night football game. The game was to be held off campus but the “tailgating” was on campus and the beer and booze was flowing strong. This meant that many of those attending the game would be climbing into cars and driving to the event after spending several hours consuming the liquid libations. Since this college has had some serious incidents in the recent past with drunk kids they decided to crack down this weekend, given the off campus game and the Labor Day weekend falling at the same time. As the parties got started the campus police and the local police in force started checking for ID’s as they walked the grounds, and had set up “check points” as they were leaving the campus for “open containers” and “clearly drunk individuals”. This did not set well with the students in attendance as many were ticketed. Of course our local new station was there to catch all the excitement and stick the microphone in the faces of those who with a bit of “bottle and can” courage decided to speak out. We heard all the typical garbage too…”everyone drinks”, “they (meaning the local police) have no right on campus”, “it’s just kids having fun” (important word there…kids!), but my all time favorite was uttered by a pair of UNDER AGE little blondes who with a dead pan (or inebriated stare) looked straight into the camera and declared after having gotten a ticket for drinking….”really…like don’t they have something better to do? It’s not like we were getting naked!” and then promptly stumbled away…WOW…hope your Momma’s saw your interview…their is gonna be SO PROUD!

   News flash…College is for an education, not a 4 year-long beer fest!

  2. Part of my early day was devoted to driving the hubby to work this morning. As I was on my way I encountered two separate individuals that must have went to the same school of stupidity (perhaps they graduated from “Beer U” to?). They were dressed in their shiny Neil Armstrong outfits as they peddled their asses on their shiny bikes. Now I don’t have anything against those who ride bicycles in general but I do take exception to those who seem to think they OWN the road! Both of this idiots were peddling along in the right hand lane of traffic, on a two lane road, in a manner that was causing quite a backup of cars, all of who were now trying to go around them safely, but what really got me GWUMPY was that less than a foot away was a SIDEWALK that traveled the entire length of the road they were on. Really people…get off the freaking road! I see this kind of thing all the time. Why do they seem to think that riding in the road is a better choice than riding on the empty sidewalk where the only thing they may have to contend with is the very rare pedestrian, instead of 3000 lbs of  quickly moving weapons in the form of CARS? Did they at some point fall off their bike as children and bump their heads? And they wonder why they get run over….

News flash….Sorry but unless there is a “bike lane”, if there is a sidewalk available then RIDE ON IT and stay out of the streets! 

And my final GWUMPY thought for today…

   3. We had a situation with a murder that took place in one of our local cities where the local reporter covering the scene told us that the police where “trying to keep a low profile on the events so as not to hinder their investigation”. This very same reporter then proceeded to detail the information for all to hear. WHAT THE F….? This is as stupid as when they get on air and tell the public where and when the local police will be holding “check points” so all those who normally would be caught driving drunk, driving without a valid license, etc can now avoid the traps and ENDANGER us all!  I understand the need to report the news, but really people….aiding the CRIMINAL all for the sake of reporting the news is just ridiculous!

News flash….SHUT THE HELL UP! The life you save could be mine!

Ok…I think I am going back to bed now…I don’t like being GWUMPY!


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