Turning over the Apple Cart…

   It never fails to amaze me just what kinds of things will upset the apple cart. People are funny in how they react and maybe that’s why I love people watching so much. I have found there are two things in this world that will draw people out into the open where they will display their true nature. The first being the belief that no one is watching and the second is a TV camera crew. Both provide the person paying attention endless amusement!

    It seems that in a neighboring town we have a police officer that must have paid attention in training and must actually believe that laws are meant to be upheld. Now while this “should” be the norm for all police officers it seems that in fact this is NOT the norm and this poor guy is finding that out rather quickly.

   He is assigned to the motorcycle unit which in itself here in Florida is a risky task but it doesn’t seem to deter him from taking his job seriously. So seriously in fact that he in the last month wrote a whopping 555 TICKETS! no that is not a misprint!

   He patrols what is known to be a rather busy area for those who don’t think that the “traffic laws” apply to them. You know those people….the red light runners, the speeding idiots, the left turn from the far right crowd. This is also an area where there are at least 3 accidents each week because…well…no one pays attention.


   Our young officer with great determination has been busy passing out tickets to anyone who decides they don’t have to follow the laws and he doesn’t take any excuses!

   Now…in the wake of this revelation our citizens are in an uproar. There is the general belief that something is afoot. Thanks to our ever diligent News Crew we were treated to a cross-section of those willing to explain what they think is going on. We heard from Bubba (who did a fine job speaking for the trailer park crowd) who thinks “it just aint right I tell ya”! Then we had Tawanda, Tyrone and Sugar (who was represent’in) claiming that it’s a “race” thing cause so many “brothers” were caught. Jose, Carlos, Paco, and Luis (while a bit nervous on camera) explained how they felt it was because “no spick English” was the culprit and finally we had Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jones who loudly proclaimed that it was a “government thing” and they were just trying to meet quota’s and increase revenue’s for the city. (disclaimer…all above names and fictional and are not meant to depict any individual either actual or implied)

   As I sat and listened to these multiple theories I had to smile to myself because it was very clear that one single most important explanation was missing…THE PEOPLE WHO GOT A TICKET BROKE THE LAW! I always find it amusing that the simple explanations are the ones that most ignore because they are truthful and it seems that we as a collective society don’t really want to hear the truth, any more than we want to accept the responsibility for our actions. We blame everyone but ourselves when we get caught doing something wrong. We are comfortable being the “victim”.

   Here we have a police officer, risking life and limb to “serve and protect” while upholding the law and instead of applauding his diligence we accuse him of “working the system”. Well…I for one hope this young officer holds true to his belief it is his “job” to hand out tickets to EVERYONE that breaks the laws because in the end the motivation doesn’t really matter when the TRUTH is YOU have the choice to obey the law and not upset the apple cart.

LIFE LESSON: Driving is a privilege NOT a right and if you can’t follow the rules walk because the life you save by getting caught may be mine!

footnote: Just as a bit of interesting information I did some research on the number of tickets and the demographics of those stopped over the last 6 months in the area where this officer patrols and here is what I found.
Average number of tickets issued by all officers: 120 per month.
Most common violations: a)running the red, b) speeding, c) improper lane change and failure to signal properly, d) failure to yield and e) no seat belt.
Number of accidents: 73 ranging from minor fender benders to 5 fatal collisions.
Of the 120 tickets written in a month there were on average: 37 white (non hispanic)
28 black and 55 hispanics, issued citations.

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