As a nod to my daughter who is brave enough to “fess up”, I thought I too would lighten the load a bit and “fess up” as well to a few things that you may or may not already know about me….

1. Back when the girls were little we moved to NC to a very small country town. When I say small I mean a 1 traffic light, one market, one gas station place. I had this “fantasy” vision of what living there would be like and so on the first day of school, I dressed my oldest in a hideous brown “little house on the prairie” dress complete with ruffles and bows and sent her on her way. The child was mortified, but I was sure she would fit in…it was a small town after all and I was sure that the Ingles lived up the hill….Anyway, as it turned out that dress became infamous and my poor daughter along with it. Ok, so sometimes “mommy brains” take a vacation without leaving a note….sorry sugar.

2. I get a cheap thrill out of moving furniture around in the middle of the night. Yes, when everyone else is sleeping I push and shove stuff from one room to the other so that when morning comes and they are still a bit sleepy they wander around like mice lost in a maze.

3. I am addicted to Snyder’s Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Bites. It’s like having the yummy goodness of a stale Cheetos (we all know they are always better stale) and the satisfying crunch of a pretzel wrapped up in one. These little morsels of heavenly goodness make me smile and leave me with cheesy fingers without the tell-tale orange stain so I can sneak them in the middle of the night.

4. I am having an affair with Mike Rowe! Ok..ok…so its only in my head but I just can’t help thinking that I have a few “dirty” jobs he could do. ;o) Sure he is not what you would call “hollywood” handsome but there is something about that little boy smile of his that just gets me. I have always been a sucker for the ones that make you feel like they could just be “bad” enough to make it worth while. Just please don’t tell Malcom from R&R cause he is my “go to hottie”.

Sigh…ok I need a cup of coffee now and maybe a cinnamon roll…


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  1. Mike Rowe..*sigh*
    A man that can do all those horrid jobs, and still grin and crack a joke about it? Oh, yeah. He’s a hard-workin’ man with honest muscles and real stains on his hands. *sigh* Happy daydreaming!

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