Look there is a Fuzzy Monster under that bed!!!


I have never been one of those that slept well so being awake at night has become a way of life. When I was young it was because like all young and foolish people I spent the hours between 8pm and 7am dancing and partying every chance I got. Then I got married and had kids and found that the hours between 8pm and 7am were devoted first to bottles and diapers and then chasing fuzzy monsters out of closets and from under the beds. Then I had a husband that worked those hours so I took advantage of him being gone to do all those things around the house that I knew he would complain about. As the girls grew up the boys found them and now those hours were devoted to sitting and waiting for them to come home safe. Now in my later years and after training the body and brain that sleeping between 8pm and 7am is not what we do, I find that I am spending those hours doing things that I always wanted to do, such as writing, painting and planning my future. I truly believe that the first time I am going to be able to sleep through the night is when I turn my toes up. Now that is irony at its best!

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