So you say your Honest huh?

If asked “If you were guarenteed an honest answer, what would you ask”?

Well it would depend greatly on who and why I was asking. There is a big difference between an “honest” answer and a “truthful” one. Take for example, you put on a new pair of pants, turn to your love interest and ask…”do these pants make my ass look big”? Now the “honest” answer could very well be…”no sugar they look great” because HE thinks they look great even though they make your ass look like as wide as Texas. The “truthful” answer would be…”yes they do”.

Human nature dictates that we don’t want “truthful” most of the time because that requires us to have no bias, no opinion and no limitations in our response. Instead we seek “honesty” in its place because that allows us to speak our minds only after we consider all the options.

I am an “honest” person, but being a “truthful” person is a much harder task to accomplish sometimes.

So I guess if I had to ask…my question would be…”Are you more of an “honest” person or a “truthful” one?

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Copyright 2010 T. Allen


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