Unlimited Resources

The question was asked, “If you had Unlimited Resources what would you create“?

Oh what a tempting and imaginative question to ponder. Unlimited resources at ones disposal could lead to fullfilling every desire and dream no matter how big or how small.

I am sure that many will read this and find themselves pondering a dream home, one of a kind car, vacations around the world, diamonds, gold….hell I could become King Midas for the sake of personal pleasure.

I am sure there are those who will go in the other direction and think such thoughts as, I could cure every disease, end world hunger, stop all the wars, shelter the homeless…hell I could become Mother Teresa for humanities sake.

A few will hone in on a specific creation but it will be born of something personal to them. A desire to change something they couldn’t change before.

And I am sure there are those who will not even answer because the shear magnitude of this overwhelms them.

For me the answer is simple…I would not “create” anything. “Creation” is not a human power only a human desire. I would instead make availble those unlimited resorces to any and all who wanted them in the hopes that they would then use them to benifit the world in way I alone could never accomplish.

For artists to bring beauty, doctors to bring cures, businesses to bring prosperty, children to bring imagination, governments to bring reform, farmers to bring nutrition, the elderly to bring wisdom, scientists to bring advancements and the average “joe” to bring happiness.

LIFES LESSON: Unlimited Resources in the hands of one human being will never change the world, but in the hands of the world, it could change every human being.


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  1. Wow. That question just sent my mind in a jillion different directions to chase all the possibilities — but for me to *really* play and create with Unlimited Resources, one of them would have to be ‘time’.

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