The Gray, White and Black Rainbow.

I see the world in color but I am drawn most to the ones we overlook. Maybe its the artist in me but there is a sense of purpose to the colors I have picked here and they are the ones that I find most often in my own world.

I chose Gray first because I find in real life most people have the hardest time seeing the “gray” area’s and those are truthfully the ones that define who we are as people. Most are madly searching for the blues, greens, yellows and reds that they hope will calm them, feed them, warm them or inspire them and in doing so they miss completely the tones and values that bind us all together. It is also the perfect combination of Black and White. It allows for both to be present and in harmony.

I chose White becasue it is the one color that is truthful. It hides nothing, yet when you add it to any other color it blends and softens or it adds a punch that catches the eye and draws attention. It is the one color most people have a hard time dealing with because it leaves you open to everything. It can be stark, cold and glaring but with just a touch of any other color becomes something new. It’s pure.

I chose Black as my last color because it is the complete opposite of White. It is the one color that masks all others and gives us time to contemplate the silence and allows us to look deep within our own lives without distraction. It is the color of the abyss, the universe and death. It is the one we fear most and the one we are drawn to when we want to make something else shine. It is the ultimate in contrast, definance, and freedom. It is where we come from and where we all will end up.


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  1. This absolutely amazing. As a sort of artist myself, I tend to overlook these colors to find the brighter ones. Thank you for showing us the colors of our lives. 🙂

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