Ami, graduating from the Culinary Program 6-24-10

  There are those moments in life when you find yourself wondering how you got this lucky. Last night was one of those moments in my life. I was sitting in a crowd of strangers as I watched my daughter Ami, walk across the stage to receive her Culinary Certificate at Graduation. In a tailored white coat, tall hat and black pants she looked every bit the part of a professional Chef.

Chef Cooper, Chef Aro (Ami's favorite) and Chef K


As she made it to the end of the line the three men who had been her instructors for the past 2 years were waiting to congratulate her and instead of a cold handshake, they each hugged her as if she was their daughter. I could clearly see the pride on their faces. She had done with them as she does with everyone she meets, built a friendship while still being “Ami”. 

Finished at last! We are so proud of her!

   It’s been a long road for Ami to get to this point. Unlike many kids, when she graduated high school she really had no idea of what she wanted to do with her life. She had not found her “passion” yet and it worried her no end. She spent several years working her way up at AMC Theater until one day she decided that maybe “cooking” was for her. She loved to bake (and that is still her number one choice) but just being in the kitchen seemed to spark something in her we had not seen before.

  With a bit of encouragement and yes, even some pushing she got into the Culinary Program at the local Technical College and there she took off! She then found work in a local restaurants as a “sushi chef” and it didn’t take long till she secured a job at one of the area’s high-end restaurants at Mission Inn. This was her element and even though it meant days that started at 7 and ended at 11 she didn’t complain. She worked hard and now tonight she is receiving the award she deserves!

   I am blessed that I have 4 smart young women to call my daughters. From the oldest to the youngest these girls have purpose, determination, drive, confidence and desire to be the best they can be. Ami is the third to finish a higher education and I am sure that she will one day shine in the Culinary World.

   Who knows maybe even “Hells Kitchen’s” Chef Ramsey will have met his match some day.


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  1. Congratulations! That’s wonderful that she has found her passion. 🙂

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