Today was just one of those days when I found myself sitting and watching in amazement at just how stupid people can be. With my coffee in hand I sat an watched the morning news as I always do when the story about this 16 yr old girl from California came on. It seems this child boarded a boat called “Wild Eyes” back in January and set out to sail around the world ALONE! She is now stranded in the Indian Ocean on board a boat that has no rigging left and has lost the ability to communicate via the satellite phone on board. The only reason they know where she is, is because she was on the phone with her parents, facing a rough ocean with 30 foot swells when she lost contact. A french fishing boat is now on its way to pick her up but they will have to sink her boat because it is considered a Maritime hazard if left floating and abandoned. Now this child does not speak french and it is going to take at least 40 hours for them to reach her and then several weeks for her to reach land again with an unknown time before she is back in the states.

Again she is 16-year-old!

Now I sat there watching as they interviewed the parents on TV and was appalled, shocked, horrified and yes angered that they appeared as calm as could be telling the reporter that they had been on the phone with their daughter and she was glad that the weather seemed to be getting better when they lost contact but that they just figured she would call back eventually. What?

I would love to know what the thought process was that first allowed these parents to even think this MIGHT be a good idea? Even if this child had been strapped to the helm from the moment of birth and could sail a boat blind…this is still a 16-year-old girl alone on the ocean THOUSANDS OF MILES from family. Why didn’t the thought that this might be too much for her to handle (there are men 3 times her age that have failed at this) ever enter their brains? Let alone the dangers of being out there alone beyond just the typical weather, seas, boat failure…what about those who prey on boats in open water? What kind of defense would a 16-year-old have against pirates intent on taking her and her boat?

16 years old!!!

This just surpasses stupidity in my book.

On a different front altogether the next story just left me shaking my head…

It seems that there has been some major mismanagement in Arlington National Cemetary. Empty graves not marked properly, Bodies in the wrong graves and bodies being buried in the same graves as others. While the initial report is that this only affects maybe a 100 or so graves (so far) out of the thousands there I was hard pressed not to laugh out loud when the Washington Politico in charge came on TV to say…”we are deeply sorry for the pain this has caused the families of our fallen hero’s but it was not intentional”!

Um excuse me??? How is it that when you dig a grave with a headstone in place, find another casket in the hole and then decide….well lets just put this one in there too, figure that isn’t INTENTIONAL?

The only unintentional thing about this….they didn’t intend on getting caught!

So once again it seems that Life is stranger than fiction and even the best author couldn’t dream up these kinds of things. Makes me wonder if we are actually progressing in this world or if we are in fact digressing.



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