Oak Ridge Boys, Momma’s Table

He was in the Navy and they had traveled the world. In 1964 he was stationed in Norfolk Va and they move into a new house in Virginia Beach with their 2 teenaged boys and their little girl.

For her anniversary one year he bought her a dining room set so they didn’t have to all cram into the tiny kitchen around a small wall mounted table that he had made out of an old door.

That new dining room table would become the place where memories were made, friends and family gathered,  birthdays and holiday dinners were celebrated, great debates raged, children grew up and even learned to walk,  and laughter was always heard.

She loved that table. Every night she would place dinner there and as everyone sat around eating I would watch her face. There was always a look of joy to be found there. She was showing her love for us all in the simplest of ways and so many times we missed that while we shoveled food into our mouths.

This was who she was. The “mom”, the “wife”, the one who we so often took for granted without meaning to, but she never complained. It seemed that as long as that table was there and people were gathered nothing else was important.

When she moved back to Florida in 2005, I was lucky enough to inherit that table. Even with all the years it had seen, with it wobbly legs, scared top and gold covered seats it was a gift that was priceless to me.

Every time I look at it now or sit down with my own family and friends I am drawn to her “chair” because when I sit there I can feel her hug me and I know that she is smiling. I can hear her laughter, and I know that things will be ok.

It’s just a table some would say, but to me its a connection to her that I could never replace.

Today is her birthday, she would have turned 86 and I am sure that if she was still here there would be a birthday cake, laughter, and one more memory embedded in the grain of that table.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA…now come sit with me at YOUR table.



LIFE LESSON: It’s in the very simpliest of things that you find the love you need.

Failure to comply will result in legal action.

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  1. I can’t tell you how this song has touched me. It has taken me back to a time where the love of this world was felt and past around. I grew up in a very tight family. Now we are all over the place doing different things.
    But one thing is for sure mommas table has been and will continue to be our gathering place, where we can all come back together. Thank you for this song, it has given me a new outlook on life.

    yours truely,

    Troy Limmer

    • Troy, I am glad it touched you. My own Momma’s table was our gathering place as well and it is good to know that there are other families out there that understand how special that is. I wish wonderful things for you in your life and I hope you will come back here and share again. 🙂

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