It’s Official! I have become an addicted MUSIC JUNKIE.

   I have always had a passion for music of all kinds, well with the exception of bluegrass and gospel but I was never one that understood those who buy CD’s, Records and Tapes. It just always seemed silly to me to waste money on something that you could enjoy for free by just turning on a radio. Yeah I know, the common excuses I hear are “to may commercials, not what I want to listen to, bad reception…etc” as the justification for buying music. So, change the station, find what you want to hear and enjoy.

   Because of this notion of mine I never understood why these same people after buying music then go and download it on to their computers and from there transfer it to MP3 players just so they can carry it around with them. Well….I must confess to a great part it was because I just didn’t understand how to do that! o.O

  Thankfully I live in a house with a daughter who is a virtual MUSIC WIZARD when it come to the computer so I swallowed my pride no Mom wants to admit to their child they don’t know something, and asked her to teach me how to put some music on my computer.

   My intention here was just to add a few dozen tracks so that I had something to listen to since I don’t have a working radio in my office. What ended up happening is that I became a Music Junkie and what started as a few tracks is now pushing over the 1000 songs mark and climbing. Once I got started doing this which by the way turned out to be much easier than I ever imagined I found that I could just pick a few of my favorites because each song I added reminded me of yet another one I really liked and this vicious circle began.

  I am sure that when I am done I will have a virtual music store at my finger tips given the number of CD’s she and my husband both own, not to mention my meager little collection of Kenny G Albums.

   I guess this means I have to look at those Music Junkies a bit differently now since I have joined their ranks. Yeah, Yeah, I can still turn on a radio, but really why bother since I can now play DJ Kickin-Ass Mom!

   Click and TURN IT UP….Lets all  Dance!
Dance Animation Man Woman Images

LIFE LESSON: Remember…like potato chips, you can never have just one song in your life.

Failure to comply will result in legal action.

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  1. Santana, good choice. I love, love music. If you are interested in discovering new music you could try

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