Freedom is never Free.


 From the moment we enter this world we seek freedom. As babies, walking gives us freedom to explore, but it comes at the cost of falling down. As toddlers curiosity gives us freedom to grow, but it comes at the cost of discipline. As kids school gives us freedom to learn, but it comes at the cost of failing. As teens, age gives us freedom to mature, but it comes at the cost of dependance. As young adults employment gives us freedom to reach our goals, but it comes at the cost of responsibility and as seniors wisdom gives us freedom to understand, but it comes at the cost of mortality.

                                       So what cost will you pay for freedom?

   Between 1775 and 1991… 1,004,015 men and women have died defending our FREEDOM and Iraq has added another 4718 men and women. The ultimate cost.

                                           Across this great country today…

   There are families with empty chairs at the table representing loved ones no longer there. The cost…Sorrow.

   There are children who will visit their fathers and mothers graves today. The cost…Secruity.

   There are husbands and wives who will wake up to empty beds. The cost…Companionship.

   There are friends who will gather to toast one they miss. The cost…Friendship.

   The cost of Freedom is NEVER Free and it is those who give without question, fight with passion, and DIE with HONOR that know this better than anyone.

   They deserve  DIGNITY, and REMEMBERANCE and compared to the cost they paid…Our RESPECT is a small price to pay! Consider that cost and remember the average age of those who died is just 19!

   I am the proud daughter of a WWII and Korean Vet, the sister of Vietnam Vets and the friend of many who have served this country. I am one of the lucky ones. Those I love, served in the name of defending OUR Freedom, and made it home again, but hidden wounds and scars for those who didn’t can be seen in their eyes.

This MEMORIAL DAY…bow your head, show your respect, give your thanks and remember THEY paid for YOUR FREEDOM! Don’t waste it!


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  1. chrislipjournal

    You have truly honored those who have been lost.

  2. This is amazing! Thank you for posting this!

  3. Mindless Rambler

    Thank you for this. A great post! x

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