Hauling Candy and Acid Bombs

 Ok its now official…this world had gone MAD! 

I will never stop being amazed at the blatant stupidity displayed on a daily basis by human beings. The best “comedy writing team” couldn’t even begin to come close to what some people will do, say or try for no apparent reason other than they thought it was a “good idea at the time”. So here is my votes for todays “that was just plain stupid”! 

Vote one goes to this bright individual….  

 A diesel tanker overturned this morning shutting down lanes on a major highway. The police and hasmat team arrived on the scene to direct traffic and clean up the spill. Upon arrival the driver was unhurt and hasmat team discovered that he was not hauling the anticipated diesel fuel, he was hauling CANDY! 

   Ok…I want to know what candy, and who it was being delivered to? Then I want to know what bright individual thought that hauling candy in a diesel fuel tanker was a good idea? This sure makes me look at my Snickers bar in a whole new light!

Vote two goes to these people….

A local Tampa Highschool was put on lock down yesterday when a homemade acid bomb went off in a hall way, spraying a special ed child on the arm, leg and foot. She was treated at a local hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be fine. A second bomb was found in a boys bathroom and had not gone off yet. The police and bomb squad was called in and the school is investigating the situation. Several people have been questioned and it is believed at this point to be part of a SENIOR PRANK!

WHAT???  Senior Prank??? Are you kidding me??? Ok, I remember Senior Pranks…you ran the principles underwear up the flag pole, you borrowed a rival schools mascot, you set off the fire alarms during lunch, or any number of basically harmless, abet annoying little pranks as a right of passage for being a Senior about to Graduate, but come on….what warped thinking patterns lead anyone to think that an ACID BOMB exploded in school was a GOOD IDEA, let alone a PRANK? What are the kids of today learning and from who? Is it just me or have our children become people without the ability to function normally? Maybe we need to step back in time a bit and get back to Parents being Parents in control of their kids.

I am sure tomorrow will being yet more “stupid” people to light and leave me wondering just where the hell it all went wrong. It would be nice to find an answer to that question but I am not holding out any great hope at the moment.


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  1. Got one for you to add to that list…

    In Daytona Florida, two mid twenty, black women decided to get lunch at the local Wendy’s. Upon pulling up to the drive through window, the driver of the vehicle became outraged when she did not recieve the mayo that she ordered on her burger. She began screaming and yelling at the Wendy’s empoyee in the window, and slapped him before pulling away. A few moments later the enraged driver and her passenger entered the Wendys with a pink stun gun and made thier way behind the counter in an attempt to find the Wendy’s window guy. When police were called they fled the scene where they were found a few moments later in a parking lot, eating thier mayo-less hamburgers…

    Goes to show you… Florida is home all ALL kinds of idiots. They actually have a segment on EVERY morning on our local radio station here called “morons in the news” and 90% of them are living right there in florida!

    • lol oh I like your version..not the one that actually happened but funny none the less. 🙂

      • that is the version that made the news and the paper here… so it is the version that the people of GA know

      • Funny how much a story can change from State to State. They weren’t in the drive-thru, and it wasn’t because of no ketchup and mayo…They were inside and she tazed the guy cause he grabbed her arm when they were arguing about something unrelated to the food. LOL. Just goes to show you, next time go to BK..where you always get it…YOUR WAY! LMAO

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