Softball, 6 year olds and Hummers.

 I woke up early this morning, fixed my coffee and sat down to watch the morning news and I am never disappointed in the stupidity found pouring from the mouths of those who deliver the “hot topics” and “breaking news”.

This morning the “hot topic” was centered around a local high-school soft ball team that has made its way to the State Semi-Finals only to find that some pissy individuals have taken them to court and gotten and injunction against them which effectively barred them from playing. Why, you may ask. Because at their last game one of their players who had been suspended was photographed wearing her team jersey and sitting in the dug-out with her team! Scandalous!

So now this team went to court and the sitting judge has over-turned that injunction and ruled that this team can play in the Semi-Finals. One would think that should have been the end of this story but true to form, it never is. The first party’s, upset at that ruling asked that it be over-turned yet again and today everyone is holding their breath waiting for this final ruling to be handed down. Will the judge rescind his order that the team can play, or will the offended parties come out on top and the ban remain in place?

My opinion is this. This girl is a member of the team and while suspended she remains a part of the team, therefor she should be in uniform and sitting with her team JUST NOT PLAYING. Suspension is far different from Removal and had she been removed then I would have to agree that the team should be banned. As it stands she had every right and obligation to be there in uniform and supporting her team because she helped get them there! End of story!

Title of the video: Little Girls doing their dance routine to Single Ladies. Found on, where else but YouTube.

This was “hot topic” number two this morning and sorry but after having seen the video…there was no way I was going to share it here.

What does it say of parents these days when they would allow, and then defend, their 6-year old children being on stage in skimpy costumes, dancing in clearly sexually suggestive movements all in the attempt to win a “dance competition? If you watch this video, clearly the person who choreographed it either had their head up their ass, should be looked at for pedophile tendencies or is just plain Stupid, with a capital S in my opinion.

Sorry but babies gyrating around a stage is never going to be considered entertainment of any kind. And what of those judging the competition? Where is their sense of intelligence hiding? Come on people…open your eyes and just do the right thing for once in your life! End of Story!

My final offering: Hummers lead the pack in sale for the last year. Really? Are there that many people moving into the inhospitable areas of our country now? Less you forget the Hummer was a Military Vehicle designed for a specific purpose so who’s bright idea was it to offer this to the general public? And really why would you buy one unless you were just trying to impress, show off or compensate for something? I can not think of one place in this country where you would NEED a Hummer unless like I said you were taking up residence in say the middle of Death Valley or the far reaches of some mountain terrain where hermits live. Hummers in the city is just ridiculous and Hummers in the suburbs is for “flash” and one upping the “jones'”. The first thought that comes to my mind when I see one of these beasts rolling down the streets of my town is, What were you thinking? Was a mini van not an option to haul around all your kids? Ok so maybe if we get a biblical rain or something your gonna be the guy with the Ark but really…there isn’t even enough room for one elephant let alone two! Buy a damn boat! End of story!


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  1. Saw that video a month ago… disgusting aint it… and so very sad!

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