She was “Mom” to everyone who passed through the front door. There was just something comfortable about her that from the neighbors kids to our friends that came for an overnight visit and ended up staying a year, we all just sort of knew that this was a woman worth loving.

She was a strong, stubborn, funny, independent woman who ruled with an iron fist and loved with a heart of gold. She was always cooking or cleaning because her house was her pride and it contained years of gathered treasures from scraps of paper with crayon scribbled “I love you’s” yellowed with age to furniture she had gotten from friends in far away lands. Nothing was ever tossed away if it came from someone she loved.

She knew no bounds when it came to giving. Every payday there were envelopes layed aside for dozens of charities around the world. Five dollars here and ten dollars there didn’t matter much when it meant someone else might have a moment of happiness. She gave of her time as well. To schools, to local organizations and to the church. All anyone had to do was ask.

She was the backbone of the family and didn’t mind being the butt of a joke if it brought laughter to the table. She wasn’t beyond spending hours at the stove making “jelly roll pancakes” or donning an apron with a magic pocket that could change a penny into a dollar. With her all things seemed possible even when we thought she was crazy.

She loved her husband with the kind of love you find in fairy tales. She was willing to follow him around the world and make sure he always had a warm place to come home to. She loved her kids with a passion and even when she was laying down the law, she encouraged them to be the people she always believed they could be.

She never asked for anything other than for us to love one another as much as she loved us.

If you asked her what made her special she would look you in the eye and say….I’m not special, I am just a MOM.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the MOM’S out there.

Life Lesson: Treasure her while you can, before you are ready for it she will be just a memory and a photo.


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day…belated.


  2. Story Creator

    That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

    Respectfully Yours,
    Story Creator

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