Every now and then just when I think I have no more reasons to smile, someone or something reminds me that life is what I make of it and if I am content to just let it slide by I am going to miss out on SOOOO much fun!

   Well my friends, this week the Drama LLama Duck Train has pulled into the station and let me tell you it is packed to the rafters! As tempting as it might be to get a better look, I am staying way back from the tracks happy to just take notes and watch this time.

   Maybe it just has to do with the change of seasons or some mystical magical equinox? Personally I think it has more to do with boredom and having been locked away for to long this past winter, left with hours to sit and contemplate just what kinds DRAMA they could invent once Spring arrives. Drama is defiantly in the air and gleefully I am finding a lot that amuses me while I wait for the flowers to bloom.

    From crazed teens who sneak out of the house at wee hours of the morning to Politicians who can’t seem to make decisions or long-lost relatives popping up after years of being MIA, every which way I turn the people around me are on board this train.

   A family I know (god bless their sanity) are engaged in Baby-Drama Llama. While I can’t say a lot of it isn’t of their own making, I do have a softer side that can sympathize…a bit. I mean you have heard me talk about how hard it is to raise kids (especially girls) but toss into that mix a pregnancy, a missing teen father, a court system and 3 bedroom house that is trying to contain 5 people with 2 more on the way and you guessed it….NOW BOARDING CAR 1!

   A bit closer to home (god please grant me patients and do it now) I am watching as decisions are trying to be made about hearth and home. One is looking through the fence, one is on the fence and one is trying to climb the fence only to find barbed-wire at the top. The one “looking through” is waiting for the fence company to install a gate I think, while the one on the fence is determined to prove that the “grass isn’t greener on the other side” and the one climbing to the barbed-wire is looking for a way to keep from getting shreded, but in all three cases all of them are holding on to their “boarding passes” with a grip of steel…..NOW BOARDING CAR 2!

   Close to home, yet miles away we have those that are in the midst of life changing events. Trying to decide if too much is going to actually turn out to be not enough and where the hell to put it all in the end. It’s never easy to uproot and move on but sometimes it’s what we have to do, the trick is to label the boxes correctly and not lose that boarding pass….NOW BOARDING CAR 3!


    Close to home, yet further away still, is someone who for whatever reason bought a ticket years ago for this Drama Llama Train and has been a regular rider since. They never seem to want the “simple and easy” trip and always find a way to make sure its a bumpy ride. Problem is that now they have purchased tickets for others and are trying to convince them it going to be a smooth ride despite the missing tracks ahead….NOW BOARDING CAR 4!

Close to home, yet in another town is someone who found themselves being dangled over the caboose railing as the train screamed into the station. What was supposed to be the “ride of a life time” has derailed and tumbled into the town of “surprise”. Now they find themselves looking for someone with a spare ticket who isn’t going leave them at the next platform paying for lunch….NOW BOARDING CAR 5!

  And finally we have those who are not related (thank god) or even friends, but have the power to shape and mold our world and they are “scalping” tickets as fast as they can with promises of a great ride on a “changed” train. Problem here is that they keep switching tracks and schedules in an attempt to confuse the passengers and its working….NOW BOARDING CAR 6!

   So, yeah…I have my ticket but I think for right now I will just tuck it into my back pocket, find me a shady bench and relax with a cup of coffee. There isn’t much room left on this Drama Llama Train so I will wait for the next one….but before you go…here is a bit of entertainment to send you on your way….

Enjoy the ride and be sure to send a post card ….




Copyright 2010 Theresa Allen


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  1. LMAO Obama Llama song… never heard or seen that one before! ❤ It!

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