Logically Illogical

  LOL, I just don’t get the logic behind some things these days and I often wonder if the people in power actually have an IQ over 3.

For example….Here in my little home town in Fl, we are warned via traffic signs on all major highways that it is now “click it, or ticket” time. Now I get that this is supposed to make drivers aware of the need for seatbelts but really, did anyone ever think this through or was this just one more “political” backscratching.

Yes the debate rages on over whether or not you should be forced to wear a seatbelt and I will even admit that those in favor do on occasion offer some interesting, yet illogical reasoning for this. “It saves lives… it keeps you from being tossed out of the car…. it increases your chances of survival” all reasonable explanation, however, let’s think just a step outside of this box shall we?

   “It saves lives”…ok, i agree this is a good thing, but, who’s life is in jeopardy if I don’t buckle up? Do they want me to believe that “you” are gonna die because I don’t wear “my” seatbelt? Someone please show me any statistics that proves that YOU are at risk if I don’t buckle up.

   “It keeps you from being tossed out of the car”. Well so does having your windows rolled up or the top up on a convertible. Fact is…having a seatbelt on could end up causing far more damage if you are tossed half way out.

   “It increases your chances of survival” yes it does but then so does NOT talking on the phone, eating, listening to music, speeding, holding a conversation with a passenger, rubber necking, or just plain not paying attention.

   So let me now ask you…in light of all this, where is it that motorcycles fall? When one is on a bike there is no seatbelt, and clearly if one is in an accident on a bike you are not afforded the luxury of having thousands of pounds of metal surrounding you to cushion the blow, yet here in Fl as well as other states you can ride without a helmet, in shorts, no shirt, flip flops at breakneck speeds, darting in and out and no one is gonna ticket you for not wear a seatbelt! LOGICALLY ILLOGICAL!


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  1. well put

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