I confess….I have no political affiliations nor loyalties other than the fact that I believe that most if not all politicians are idiots with one purpose in mind…how to get the most out of the hard-working people they pretend to represent while doing as little as possible to actually help them.

  This recent development in Arizona has caught my attention however because it seems that we have a few politicians that have actually stepped up to the plate finally and are at least attempting to do something to correct a problem that our government just turns a blind eye too.

   Illegal immigration is draining us dry and Arizona like the other border states are fed up with being the “gateway” for them to enter this country ILLEGALLY. I have to give kudos to Arizona for taking a tough stand. It’s about time we sent a message to those who look to this country as a “free meal ticket” that the buffet is CLOSED and their bus is waiting.

   I am so very tired of hearing all the excuses about how hard it is to find them. Come on…Really?? Just show up at any of the public rally’s they hold, take a van to the local Home Depot, post officials at ANY welfare office, go to Wal-Mart on the 5th of the month…they DO NOT HIDE, because they don’t have to!

   I realize the issue concerning most on this new Arizona law is “racial profiling” and to that I say…so what? Profile them…round them up…stick um on a bus…and send them home. They have no Civil or Constitutional Rights stop pretending they do. They are criminals breaking the law deal with it.

   They do have legal channels to enter this country but they don’t pursue them because so many of them would not be given entrance due to long and violent criminal histories in their own countries, and yet you want to allow them to come here unchecked?

   I am also tired of hearing how much they have “helped” this country. The staggering costs far outweight anything they contribute. Just check out the following stats http://www.fairus.org/site/PageServer?pagename=iic_immigrationissuecentersf134

If that isn’t enough to open your eyes, you need new eyes!

  Its time we got tough and really did something about this situation. We need to STOP worrying about the ones who do nothing for this country and START helping those who do. Maybe in the process States like Arizona will send a clear message to the “politicians” and Mr. Obama, that we LEGAL CITIZENS are fed up and if they don’t want to do what they are responsible for doing, then we can and will!

 We are not a “LATIN” country we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! If this blog makes me a “racist” so be it…I will wear that label with as much pride as I do the label of LEGAL CITIZEN.


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  1. Hey I’m behing you. Let’s get a semi and round them up. I hear on the radio yesterday, that california is now gonna boycott them because of this new law. Maybe we all ought to boycott California. I think the stupid politicians need to stop thinking about reelections and do there jobs. Obama doesn’t like this bill because these are the people who are gonna reelect him. We need to include him in the round up and let him be the first passenger we pick up

  2. I agree with you on this one. It just costs us so much money with the illegal immigrants even though they accept jobs many of ‘us’ will not take.

    • Question…who do you think was doing those jobs before them? Us LOL I am willing to be that most people who are finding themselves jobless at the moment will do just about ANY job offered.

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