The Last of the Kids.

  She was a surprise to be sure!

As I got ready to leave the doctor’s office after my  checkup for child number 3 the doctor said to me as I was on my way out…”be sure to schedule your next appointment”. A bit confused and with a smile on my face I turned and said to him…”um doc…I don’t need another visit, this one was my postpartum checkup, I just had a baby”. With a look of sympathy he replied…”not a postpartum visit,  your having another one”. In that moment I saw my life flash before my eyes. ANOTHER ONE?? how is that possible?  Ok wait…I know how its possible, but really…how is that possible!

All the way home as I was driving I just kept thinking to myself this has to be a sick joke, but there on the seat next to me was the appointment card. In the back seat was two car seats already filled with kids. Where in the hell was I going to put a third car seat?

It wasn’t until I pulled in the driveway that the thought struck me that I am going to have to tell the hubby this grand news. Well maybe if I just wear big shirts….naw I am gonna have to tell him, damn!   I sat there in my car with the girls for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out how to break the news…nothing I played in my head sounded right. The key to this was going to be humor I was sure,  but lord help me, I couldn’t find the humor.

I got the kids in the house and spent the next several hours going from fear, to amazement and back to fear. He was not going to think this was funny, but it was what it was…so much for taking precaution…and we did…honest!

I really don’t remember much about the actual conversation that evening when I finally told him. I think it is a “survival” instinct that keeps it really fuzzy in my head, but I guess it must have gone ok because 6 months later we delivered the 4th of our girls and he scheduled a “snip job”.

She is the “baby” in every sense of the word. She had 3 older sisters who did everything for her and to her. She learned fast to hold her own and that usually meant someone was getting head-butted!  She was a tank and demanding. Having 2 already in diapers meant that it became an assembly line at changing time. It didn’t take me long to get it down pat either. That was out of need more than skill but I wasn’t going to complain.

With one who was 2, another who was 1 and this new baby, life became a circus most of the time. I didn’t let it stop me however and it didn’t take me long to start dragging them all on outings to the mall and friends houses. That was more for my own sanity than anything but it help keep them in line as well. My world became bottles, diapers, diapers and bottles. I usually fell into bed at night so exhausted that the alarm clock hit the wall many a morning just for going off.

By the time this one was a year old she was up and going. Not at walk but a full speed run and usually right behind the 2-year-old and the 3-year-old. It was mass confusion and I lived it. By the time she was 3 she still wasn’t talking. She didn’t have to, the 4 , 5 and 10 year olds learned her language and that meant all she had to do was point and grunt and they knew exactly what she wanted. It was like living in a foreign country and they were the interpreters. It was at this point that I realize that not only did she have her own language but they as a team had one as well. That meant that most of the time I was guessing at who plotting and planning and who was going to carry out the orders. As the youngest she usually got the blame for most things because they figured that she was the least likely to get punished and lord she played her part well. She was smart as a whip and tough as nails but could make you melt with just a smile or a tear which ever suited her best.

The husband and I never stood a chance against the “test kid”, the “practice kid” , the “watcher” and now the “baby”. They were a force to be feared and yet a group to be loved. Each unique, smart and beautiful they were going to spend the next 20 plus years filling our home and our hearts with laughter, tears, love, hate, confusion and wonder. We just had to stay strong to outwit them all.


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  1. Fun post. We have lots of head-butting defenses here with our three little ones.

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