26 and Counting


Al and Tarie April 21 1984

 They were gathered around in a tight circle before the music started taking bets on how long it would last.  He at 19 was 4 years younger than her and she had a 2-year-old daughter. They were as opposite as night and day and came from two different worlds.  This was a disaster in the making.

   It hasn’t been an easy road. Three kids in 4 years plus the one she already had filled up the house fast. Construction being the thing he did best sometimes didn’t even put enough food on the table, but they managed. Mac and Cheese made 50 different ways at least made the kids happy. When there wasn’t enough money to turn on the heat, they made a game of chopping up furniture they could live without and heated the house with the fireplace. Building a tent using blankets and sheets it was like camping out without the bugs.

Candyce, Amanda, Shannon and Sara

   When times were good they shared every extra dime they had with everyone they loved. They made the trip home as often as they could to insure the kids had as much time as possible with Grandma and Grandpa and they always said that tomorrow would be better than today.

   They fought like cats and dogs at times, but alway seems to find a solution to every problem. They trusted one another and even when they didn’t see eye to eye trusted that things would turn out as they should. He was her friend and she was his. Regardless of how stubborn they both were in the end they found the common thread that held them together…laughter.

    It took them 20 years to finally buy a house but they did it own their own terms. It cost them everything they could spare but it was the greatest gift they could give one another. Security was the one thing that had always been missing in their lives and now they could relax a bit.

Rick and Sara May 10, 2007

Paul and Candyce June 30, 2005

 They watched the marriage of two of their girls to what they hoped would be good husbands and kept their fingers crossed that their lives would be a bit easier. The silently waited for grandbabies to arrive and were blessed with two beautiful little girls. They struggled with the frustration of watching the other two children try to find their way in life, unsure of what they wanted to be or how to get there, but they always had faith that they would do well.


   On their 23rd anniversary, they said good-by to her Mom. Instead of celebrating they had to comfort her Dad who had been a husband for 63 years and was now without his soul mate. They looked after him  and shared the last 4 months of his life. In his final week they brought him home and stayed by his side until he was reunited with his true love. They keep them both close to home and know they are watching over them.

Dad and Mom

   And today, 26 years and a lifetime later they are still complete opposites but they have learned to treasure each others strengths and support each others weaknesses. They make no bets on how long it will last but they won’t quit either. They just hang in there each day and hope for the best.

    On the day they were married they promised each other…4 ever and 1 year…and that still stands.  

4 E & 1 Y

    And no one has won that bet yet!

Copywrite 2010 Theresa Allen


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  1. Tarie,
    I love this. It is so endearing and says so much about what it takes to “really make it.” Congratulations.

  2. We can all only hope to have what they did………….” True Love For Eachother”

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