On February 9 1987 we brought our 3rd daughter, “the watcher” into this world. She like her sister before here was supposed to be a boy, but as with all things that Mother Nature controls “he” was a “she”. This tiny bit of female splendor was a fighter from the beginning. The delivery was a bit complicated and every time I would have a contraction her heartbeat dwindled to near nothing. She had the cord around her neck and she was turned at an odd angle so talk of a C-Section must have perked up her ears because she decided she was not going to be “taken” she was going to arrive on her own terms, and she did.

   The first few moments were tense, but it didn’t take long for this little girl to grab everyone’s attention. With one loud yell she assured us all she was healthy and here. The doctor handed her up to me and with her eyes wide open she looked at me as if to say “it’s on”! and something deep inside of me knew she was going to be the one who was going to be her Daddy’s SON!

   After bringing her home it didn’t take long for me to realize that this child of mine was unlike the first two in many ways. She was independent, stubborn, and determined. She required very little of the constant attention that daughter one required and she was not interested in amusing herself for hours by playing like daughter two. This one was a “watcher”. Every movement, every sound, every person that crossed her path got a very close scrutiny, and she filed the information away like a mini computer system.

   Her sisters were enchanted by her.  At 8 the oldest became a little mother to her, and the younger one at 2 thought she was just a living babydoll, but this one had little tolerance for all that attention and made no bones about expressing her feeling on the matter.  

   By the time she was up walking and talking it was clear that she was smart. Her sisters were intelligent and learned quickly, but this one was “smart” too. She honed in on things that I didn’t think any kid noticed, but this one did. I used to laugh and tell my mother she was an “old soul” because she just knew things.

    She was all “girl” with her porcelain like skin and big blue eyes and she loved the frilly, pretty, dainty things but  there was something about her that was “boy like” as well. She adored her daddy and one moment was begging to be tossed around, and the next crawling up to sit in his lap. She was a “man’s” girl, and gravitated towards them like a moth to a flame.

    We really thought she would be the last of our kids, but one more time Mother Nature had a surprise in store for us, and one week after this one turned one, number 4 arrived.

Copyright 2010 Theresa Allen


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