DISCLAIMER: All opinion contained in the following blog are nothing more than just that, the opinions of an “untitled american”. You are free to agree, disagree and even post your own comments should you feel the need. This is one of very few blogs you will find me posting about politics or religion as I believe that most people are incapable of discussing either topic from a realistic or objective view point and once emotion enters the discussion there is no further reason to continue. While I will admit that emotion may prompt me to examine an issue, I do, to the best of my ability, try to examine it from all sides before forming an opinion. This is my opinion.

    What is an “untitled american”? It is anyone of any class that finds themselves having to deal with the blatant stupidity that is the US Government these days. We are “untitled” because we do not matter. We are “untitled” because we are expendable. We are “untitled” because we are faceless names on lists and records held by this government. And we will remain “untitled” until we as a nation of people find our ‘ONE VOICE’. 

Mr Obama, 

     Today when I heard that you had decided to rewrite the “nuclear pact” to state that we as a nation would not retaliate or strike out using “nuclear” force, even in the face of such an attack, but instead we will rely on “traditional methods” I realize just how much of an “untitled american” I really am in the eyes of this government. While I will never encourage such warfare, I still expect my country to defend us all by any means needed.  We no longer live in a traditional world, and asking us to defend our country with traditional methods is like defending our country with sticks and stones. You seek to seal our destiny,  limit our strengths and weaken our nation beyond repair. It is time Mr. Obama that you took  responsibility for the job you have been entrusted with and you place the needs, wishes, desires and safety of us all above your own personal agenda.  I am disgusted by you and those that defend you for having so little respect for this nation and her people. I have no respect for you or what you stand for and I am ashamed that in the eye of this world, you are what represents us. 

   Some say its your lack of ability. Some say its your lack of experience. Some say its a combination of both. I say it’s just the kind of person you are and that will never change. You choose not see beyond your own ideas be they right or wrong, good or bad. You are interested in only your place in history, for a title that you don’t deserve. You possess no loyalty, honor or honesty and have proven that. You defend your actions with excuses, double talk and out right lies and you take no responsibility for the outcome.

    I am just one woman Mr. Obama.  Raised in a military family. The daughter of a WWII Vet and the sister of two Vietnam Vets. Every Uncle I have served this country with pride. Every young man my father and  brothers knew, served with pride, and far to many of them didn’t return. I grew up being taught to respect my country and defend her. I hold my hand over my heart to this day and stand up when they play the National Anthem. I am proud of the Stars and Bars and I am equally proud of the Rebel Flag. Both saw men women and children die for our right to live in a free country. I understand the meaning behind the Statue of Liberty and I believe in the Liberty Bell. I will go to my grave knowing that this is the greatest nation on earth regardless of those who forget how we got there and I will take comfort in knowing that had it not been for those who felt the same I would never be free to express this opinion. They are the hero’s among us, who ask for nothing and give everything when duty calls. They are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles,aunts and friends and they deserve the respect of this government.

   I am counting down the days until you no longer are in control. While the 4th of July is the day we celebrate this country’s freedom, the day you leave office will be just as important to me, because it will be the day freedom was returned to me….the “UNTITLED AMERICAN”!

LIFE LESSON: Take great caution when deciding who it is you want to lead and represent you in the eyes of the world. If they are not worthy do not grant them the privilege.



Copyright 2010 Theresa Allen


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  1. Very well written ……..I too am proud to be an AMERICAN, And proud of my Service to my country…………. And come from a long line of men that served and some that died serving…
    Freedom isn’t free !!!!!!!!!! Maybe it should be required that to be elected President, You have to have served in the Military…… Can “our” President say that !!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, sadly however I think we live in a nation now where “military service” isn’t looked at as being an “honor” its more of a chore or “last choice”. As for Mr. Obama (i refuse to call him president because he has done nothing to EARN that title) he has no clue. He doesn’t feel the need to “serve” his country in any way shape or form and that the problem.

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