If anyone is paying attention to anything I say. I have spent years telling the dogs not to bark every time I come in the door, yet they still greet me loudly. I have told my kids to put the dishes in the dishwasher not the sink, yet they don’t seem to remember. I have told my husband that the trash goes out on Monday night, yet there is always can’s left un-emptied Monday morning. I have told  “Mr Johnson” from INDIA that I don’t have a small fortune to send him, yet he calls me 5 times a week. I have told the neighbor not to let his dog poop in my front yard, yet every day I find a new surprise. I have told the post-woman where I live, yet every day I get mail delivered to a neighbor’s house. I have told the Deli guy to slice it thin, yet I get slabs of ham. I have told the nice boys from the temple I am not interested, yet they show up once a week. I have told the grocery clerk not to put the apples in with the can’s, yet I find them battered and bruised by the green beans every time I go shopping. And…I have told my family and friends about this blog, yet I don’t see any of them saying a word to me here.

Back to Hamper Hell with you Evil Skid-Mark!


 I sometimes wonder if I am invisible. If that’s the case I am going to re-submit my application to the “super-hero’s guild” because invisibility would be a fun “power” to have. It would sure beat being “super laundry lady” thats for sure. All I get with that one is smelly socks and underwear and bleach stains on my clothes!


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  1. well okay. Got it. Respond in person…and via blog. Thats a crap ton of responding!

  2. haha short, sweet, direct and to the point. Maybe they will read it this time.

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