This is Jack Dexter the day he arrived into my life.

He was hairless with his eyes closed and his mouth open. He weighed just a few ounces and was unlike any critter I had every raised before. I didn’t know what I was going to do with him but it was clear I would have to do something so….

   Jack came to me thanks to a friend of my daughters. He was found in a mud puddle, cold, dirty and hungry. He had a few cuts and scratches which leads me to believe he was the intended snack of the local eagles. They brought him to me in a card board box  and from that day till now my life has not been the same.

  After spending hours on line looking for information on how to raise a squirrel I finally found a guy close to home that was able to answer all my questions. He does “rescues” and offered to take Jack if I didn’t think I could handle it . I told him no, I would give it a try, how bad could it be?. He just laughed and told me that is exactly what he said the first time out. He gave me a list of do’s and dont’s, told me what to feed him and his personal cell number, just in case.

  The first night it was a mixture of water, sugar and salt  every hour to help stabelize him.  The next several weeks it was feedings every 2 hours around the clock. A home brew of water, canned milk and sugar did the trick. He was growing fast and I was praying for sleep like a new mom!

   By month two he had found his voice and boy did he use it! Nothing like hearing a high pitched screech in the middle of the night to wake you from a sound sleep! But so far so good. He now had his eyes open and was finally getting his trademark tail.

   By month four we realized he had become a part of the family. All thoughts of ever being able to turn him loose again were quickly vanishing since he clearly had no idea he was a squirrel. He had fallen in love with a beagle baby and this was proving to be a strong bond for both. Who would have ever believed that a squirrel and a house full of beagles would be a match? 

  By month six he was a full blown Crazy Mississippi Church Squirrel! and for those of you who don’t know what that is….

   Life with Jack Dexter is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! He now runs the house and the dogs. He loves people and people love him. Who would have ever thought that this tiny little bundle of attitude could changes our lives so much but I am sure glad he did.

You talkin to me???

I ain't listening...

It says here I get all the Captian Crunch I gimme!

Stay tuned….squirrel stories to follow.

Life Lesson :  When the kids call and say…”mom guess what I found”  hang up quickly!


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