There is an ongoing debate in my house about Coffee. I have a son-in-law that is a true Starbucks fan and a husband that like the Dunkin Donuts version and then there is me. I will drink whatever is in the pot regardless of brand and around here it’s usually whatever is on sale that month. Most of the time I am downing coffee that was left over from the day before anyway so why bother to spend on the overpriced stuff?

However, this has brought about a debate on the flavor of coffee. The husband says that there is a difference in tastes and  I wouldn’t disagree completely but I think it is dependant on how you drink it.

After all how else would the sellers con us into buying mild, brazilian, french, dark roast, breakfast blend, master blend…etc and willingly pay the over the top prices for our favorites when the good old-fashioned cheap stuff works just as well?

Anyway…Around here it’s usually the Master Blend that fills the house with that wonderful morning aroma, at least that is what the container tells him…but we will keep that tidbit a secret right?  Every morning he fills his monster mug (it holds about 11 cups) with this brew and proceeds to add a quarter cup of sugar and some milk and that’s my point. How in the world can you say that your coffee has a particular taste when your killing it with milk and sugar? Basically at this point what he has is coffee tinged sugar milk! So what difference does the brand make at this point? NONE…

Now if you were drinking this toxic stuff black, then I would understand maybe your taste for something special but when you are adding an assortment of flavors on top the coffee really isn’t the star of the show any longer. Hence, the confusion I have over those like my son-in-law that love Starbucks or my husband who likes Dunkin Donuts. I don’t think they love the coffee, otherwise they wouldn’t be ordering a double latte with cinnamon, vanilla and whipped cream with a side of chocolate covered in powdered sugar with a dusting of arsenic! They would say…straight up black please! Who are they trying to kid?

So until the day arrives that “black” becomes the new trend I say to all of you coffee drinkers out there, would you like one lump or two?


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