I have been lucky to have had a life full of humor. Sometimes however I am the only one laughing,  but I don’t let that stop me. I go through life as an observer simply because people are funnier than they realize.

        I stopped at the local Burger King one evening to grab a quick bite to eat for one of my kids. I pulled up to the window and placed my order for a cheeseburger and fries. Nothing fancy or “my way” about that, just a simple order really. When I pulled up to the next window to pay the clerk asked me with a straight face, do you want cheese on that burger? For a moment I was stunned…did I really hear him right?  So with a straight face I replied…oh I don’t know do you usually put cheese on cheeseburgers? The look he gave me was priceless and I dissolved into fits of laughter!…

On yet another fast food stop, no I am not a fast food junkie, at Taco Bell, I was told that they didn’t have any Taco’s.  What?? how could they have run out of Taco’s at Taco Bell? Wouldn’t that be like KFC running out of chicken?? Oh wait they did…      


  On a recent trip to the grocery store I watched a little old lady as she stood by the apples. She picked up one after the other and holding it to her ear shook it, listened then replace it to the bin. After about 2 minutes of this the produce clerk approached her and asked if he could be of assistance. No thank you she told him, I am just looking for apples without worms. A bit puzzled the clerk asked her what she meant, and she replied…if you shake it and don’t hear a rattle it means the worm has eaten the seeds. I about fell over the bananas laughing. She then looked straight at the clerk and said…I haven’t found a good apple in years, and walk away.

Yup this one has a worm!

 Remind me to shake my apples from now on will you….

   As I said people are funny, you just have to watch, wait and listen and you are sure to see or hear something that will brighten your day.

Copyright 2010 Theresa Allen


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  1. You are right! People make me laugh all the time, I used to have a LONG commute to work and just watching and listening to everyone else on the train would have me trying not to make my sniggers too obvious.

    In regards to the bit about the cheeseburger, when I was younger, my family went on a trip and ‘drove thru’ at Macca’s for a breakfast snack. It went a little like this:

    Maccas Chick: ‘Welcome to McDonalds, please place your order.’
    Dad: ‘Yeah, uh, I’ll get two coffees and five hash browns, thanks.’
    Maccas Chick: ‘No problem, would you like any hash browns with that?’
    Dad (looking at the rest of us in the car a little skeptically): ‘I just ordered five of them…’
    Maccas Chick (nonplussed): Okay then please drive through.’

    To this day I wonder if she really didn’t realise what had just happened or if she was totally embarrassed and was pretending it didn’t bother her that she sounded like a complete idiot!

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