As I sat with coffee in hand this morning watching the local news, I was treated to a story about Nissan being ready to release their brand new “LEAF” Electric Car.  This little and I do mean little vehicle will have a sticker price of $32,000.00 but with the government incentives the final price will be around $25,000.00, or so they say. This will compete with the Ford Vibe and hopefully encourage other car makers to get on the ball and produce their own versions.

   Now as I sat and listened I was told how “energy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally safe”  this little bugger is. They went on and on about how it would cut the cost of gas consumption, provide for cleaner air and in general made it sound like the answer to every problem. What I didn’t hear was how much it would increase “electric production, costs and the impact that would have on the enviroment“.  I mean really do they expect us to believe that simply because you can plug it in, it’s not going to mean higher costs in other area’s? Hell, if your computer being left on, your microwave cooking your dinner and the air conditioner being use to curb the summer heat, pushes your electric bill through the roof, and you imagine what plugging your car in at night is going to cost you?

   I am all for going green, when it makes sense, but this is just one of those “boxes of poop wrapped up in pretty paper and bows”! It remains a BOX OF POOP!


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  1. That is a valid point. Cost will still skyrocket, we will just be giving our money to a different piper. I will say this though, electric cars like the Leaf are still greener than gasoline powered cars, as there are no pollutants to contend with. But you’re right, I’m not willing to pay more than I already have to.

  2. The reason why ALL electric vehicles benefit both the economy and the environment is not because electric power is free, but it’s much, much cheaper to produce more of than it is to refine fossil fuels.

    The actual dollars/cents costs will vary as prices do, but the RATIO is about a 100 to 1 difference. In other words if it costs you $2.00 to go X distance, it will cost you about 2 CENTS worth of electric power to do it.

    And electric motors don’t put out the CO2 or hydrocarbons, just a bit of water.

    • Mikey, no argument that it is cheaper to produce electricity than fossil fuels, however you are not taking into consideration that the extra costs that we will incure in the production of that electricity is going to be passed to the consumer in the form of higher electric bills, and if you look at those costs now and compare them to the cost of buying the fossil fuel, you are paying more for your electricity than you are your gas. As with most things the cost to produce is NEVER the cost to consume. As for it being better for the enviroment, again true the Electic car may not produce the hydrocabons or CO2 but again, you are forgetting the production plants that pollute so your now swapping one for the other since we will have to increase the production at those plants. You might have an argument if ALL plants were solar, wind or water powered in this country but they aren’t. (keep in mind that if they become so there will be a huge cost to convert which will also be passed to the consumer) Finally, it may cost me 2.00 to go x distance but as it stand I can’t go the same distance on the 2 cents worth of electirc power so I am going to have to consume even more to go the same distance.

      The fact is that until we can produce electricity at a cost effective rate, electric cars are no bargin. Oh and don’t forget that you will have the added expense of upgrading your homes service because as of now you can’t just plug in and go. Yet another consumer expense to deal with.

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