Was Einstein Intelligent? By most peoples account the answer to that question would be yes, but I think he was just Smart.

There is a difference you know. Intelligence is something that you learn, where as Smart is something you just are. Let me put it to you this way….

A college professor who can teach you Nuclear Fusion yet not able to balance his own check book is Intelligent not Smart.

So why this interest, well because here of late I have been thinking a great deal about whether I am Intelligent or just Smart. The smartass in me wants to claim Intelligent but the smart me knows that’s not the case. Thats ok really. I don’t mind just being smart. Hell, being smart has kept me out of  trouble for most of my life and when I think about this I realize there are a lot of intelligent people sitting in jails. So yeah….just smart is ok with me.

  So why do I think I am smart? Well….I have managed to raise 4 kids who have never been to jail, in serious trouble or become drug lords. I have managed to survive a marriage for 26 years without hiring a hit man. I have run a household of 6 and not needed tranquilizers. I have taken care of dogs, cats, hamster, birds, mice, ducks and now squirrels without ever having a vet degree. I have mastered the art of parallel parking. I can feed dozens on $20.00 and still have left-overs. I know that whites can not be washed with anything red or the husband will be wearing pink undies to work. I know that dishwashing liquid, WILL NOT work in the dishwasher or washing machine. go ahead laugh…you know what happens don’t you. I know that if you want a glass of milk at 3am, your gonna have to go to the store first cause the carton in the fridge is either empty or become cottage cheese. I know that the best school projects are done the night  with things you find around the house. I know that the bank will always deduct that check before they credit the deposit and it will end up costing me $36.00 extra dollars. I know that the homeless guy on the corner holding a cell phone and a will work for food sign is not interested in food. I know that if say your going on a diet, you will instantly crave chocolate. I know that 2 plus 2 is 4, but with some creative thinking it can pay the light bill, send the kids to camp and put gas in the car for a week. I know that more than one pair of shoes is silly since you only have two feet, and more than 5 pairs is an obsession. I know that the dryer will never give you back every pair of socks you put in AND I know that I should have listened to Mom more often.

Everyday that goes by I learn by trial and error what works and what doesn’t. I pay attention to the world and the people in it rather than spend endless hours memorizing things from books. I live in the real world where  what am I going to make for dinner  is far more important than how do I make that for dinner.  I count myself lucky for the friends I have that don’t judge me and I count myself lucky for every change I get to be a fool. I would much rather put a hat on my head and dance naked in the street, than to sit in a room contemplating humanity.

Yeah…that makes me SMART not INTELLIGENT… thank god.

Albert Einstein once said:


That makes him Smart in my book and clearly the Life Lesson we all need to learn.


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  1. You are on the right track. However you can no more make a comparison between being intelligence and smart than you can between left and right or up or down. They have to be considered as a whole. There is a part of your brain (database) filled with all kinds of varied pictures and experiences. There is another part of our brain that accesses this information over your neural network and acts on your behalf. You cannot be smart without a populated database of information to act on nor can you be smart without the part of you brain that connects to and manipulated this information on your behalf.

    Smart is simply the skillful manipulation of stored intelligence to achieve a positive result. They are both opposite side of an equation that would be unbalanced if the other did not exist.

    Great explanation

    • Then explain a Savant in term of intelligent vs smart. There is an absolute difference between intelligent and smart and while it can be argued they are interdependant to a certain degree, clearly that is not truly a necessary function of either.

  2. total resonation. i think i lean more on smart too and i’m not complaining. 🙂 although i believe there is deep satisfaction to be gained in having certain intelligences. then again being smart itself is one kind of intelligence. 🙂

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