All of my life I have loved music. Every kind of music except  twanging clanging old fashioned country stuff , there is something about that high pitched yodel that just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and bible banging music, not gospel, I mean that hooping and hollarin kinda tent revival stuff.

  Growing up the house was filled with the big bands, tommy dorsey for example, swing, ball room and the occasional opera Madam Butterfly,dad’s favorite. I learned to jitter-bug and polka in the living room and fox trot and waltz while standing on Dad’s feet.

   As I got older I developed my own tastes in music. Albums like The Who, Aerosmith and Davy Jones all shared space on the closet shelf. Of course there was my Peter Frampton album up there too, he was actually the first concert I ever attended, but more about that later….

  In the late 70’s and early 80’s my music of choice as Disco! Yup…I had the shoes, the dress and every weekend I could be found doing the Hustle or the Bump on some dance floor. There was an energy about this music that when it started you just couldn’t sit still. I for one was sad to see it fade away and I confess, still to this day when I am home alone and sure that no one is watching, I sometimes Hustle in the kitchen just for fun. Only difference is that now there are parts of me that continue to dance long after I stop!

   In the mid 80’s I was introduced to Heavy Metal thanks to my now husband. Judas Priest, Led Zepplin, ACDC, Queen, Aerosmith, funny they seem to be the only ones that have traveled through the decades with me, Kiss, Ozzy, Alice Cooper and the list goes on, were all screaming at me every chance I got. Ok so maybe some of those are true heavy metal but they were loud and that’s what counted.

   Later on in the 80’s my husband switched gears and brought Country into my world.  There was the seldom tolerated Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash crowd that I turned off as soon as possible because they fit into that twangin clangin group. But there were other that I admit I enjoyed. Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, Reba, and Pirates of the Mississippi were among my favorites.

   By the 90’s we had kids and they introduced me to Scream, Techno, Rap and whatever it is that Boy George sang.  Wham, Cindy Lauper, M & M, I still can’t spell his name, Areosmith…told ya, Boyz to Men, Backstreet, 98 degrees and That other Boy band were always playing, and still the husband complained and on went the country.

   From the late 90’s up till today there is a wide assortment of music to listen to in this house. We have made the transition from vinyl, to cassettes, to CD, to Ipod’s and now ring tones and computer that all blare at the touch of a button dozens of songs in every genera, but something keeps me coming back to the kitchen.

LIFE’S LESSON….when things get bad…crank up the tunes and DO THE HUSTLE!


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