HUSBANDS part one

Father of the Bride, Candy's wedding

 This is the guy I married on April 21,1984.  In the 26 years that have passed he has aged well and become more set in his ways.

I could probably write a 10,000 page book on him and what it has been like to be married to him but I can sum it all up for you in just these simple words….

 HOLY SHIT…WHAT A RIDE!  and for those of you who are thinking the x- rated version…wrong…I meant it has been an adventure! 

 I met him on his 18th birthday and married him just before he turned 20. I was almost 24 at the time and had a 2-year-old little girl. I can’t tell you it was a “love match” in the beginning, we married because my parents, mom actually, would not let me take my daughter to California where he had been stationed unless we were man and wife, so we did the deed and off we went.

 He was a Navy SeaBee (construction trade) and California was his new duty station. I had alway wanted to go to the “left coast” having lived on the “right coast” all my life. We made the trip by van, with all our worldly goods piled high on the bed. ok he packed the van and I guess figured that it was more important that the blender, dishes, pots and pans…etc…ride in comfort than for us to sleep there.  So we bunked on the floor of the van as we crossed the country.

  Our first stop was his family’s home in Oregon. They had not come to the wedding so I had not met any of them as of yet. Upon our arrival I was as impressed with them as they were with me grin and we were escorted to a tiny trailer parked in the front yard as this is where we would be sleeping. Now when I say tiny..I mean 2 mice would have to turn sideways to pass one another in this thing. The husband is 6’4″ so it was fun watching him curl up in a ball to actually fit in the double size bed we had. I spent the next 6 days pulling staples out of their wood floors and being treated to onion flavored milk, and stories of his younger years. Honestly I was glad to be heading out when we finally hit the road. 

  Our next stop was the state park in Oxnard. We spent a week camping on the beach before we found a small apartment to rent. It wasn’t much and it was in a questionable area of town but it was home. Decorated in the latest fashion of cardboard boxes we made it work. The best memory I have of that place was the cute little guy downstairs who was head over heals in love with my husband.

  In June of 84 I flew home to get my daughter and bring her back, but it was September before I could make that trip. He had found us a new place to live, much better for a kid anyway. We furnished it with Salvation Army bargains and thought we would settle down for a while at least, but the Navy had other plans and so did mother nature. He shipped out in December, I was pregnant and the Navy screwed up his pay so I got evicted. My brothers flew in, put me and my daughter on a plane home and drove my car back to Virginia for me. It was April before I saw him again. He had been discharged from the Navy and was coming home to live in Virginia with us.

   From then on he has been in construction in the private sector. First in Virginia then in North Carolina and finally in Florida, we have spent all of our time living and working side by side. We had 4 girls over the years and now have 2 grand-daughters to spoil. We have not had an easy life but we have had a good one.

  Like I said in the beginning it didn’t start out as a “love match” but over the course of our marriage, with a solid friendship to build on we have fallen in love. While there have been many times I could have packed my bags and walked away, I have hung in there because he was worth it.

 If for no other reason than the adventures that seem to follow us no matter where we go I have to say marriage hasn’t been all that bad, it has kept me on my toes that’s for sure and having made it  26 years without ending up in jail, well that’s gotta say something.

   Al if you read this…well all I want to say is….4 ever and one year!


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  1. chrislipjournal

    Very welcome, Tari. You’re definitely doing it right. You have a real knack for holding the reader’s attention. Thanks!

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

  2. chrislipjournal

    I really like all your entries! You write in such a nice, conversational style that you make it very easy to just keep reading. Sometimes reading feels like a chore, but your blog is never like that. Well done!

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

    • Thanks you very much. I am pleased that you find my blog “easy reading” and I do hope that you will be back often. If I have reached you on a ‘conversational level’ I am doing it right and I encourage you to speak your mind whenever the mood strikes. I look forward to seeing you often.

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