Every now and then a news story in the paper or on the evening news catches my eye and leaves me wondering  what the hell where they thinking?  Not long ago I was treated to not one but two such stories that although occurred in separate states, somehow I am sure must have a common connection.

   Headline News Florida: A local bakery that every year provides cheesecakes to a local charity for a fundraising event  got robbed when the tractor-trailer that was carrying $40,000 worth of cheesecakes was stolen from its parking spot near the International Airport in Orlando. It seem the driver had parked the trailer overnight but upon his return found the truck and the cheesecakes were both missing.         Headline News Georgia: Police are searching for the bandits that stole 25,ooo pounds of chicken legs worth $20,000 from a tractor-trailer in Savannah. They say the men have been selling the stolen legs on the street of the city for some time now but despite several phone calls from people who have witnessed these sales the bandits remain on the loose.                    


 Now is it just me or is there a new market for criminals out there that we are just now learning about? I have heard of people stealing some odd things but come on ….chicken legs and cheesecakes? Whats next…a Pepsi Truck heist? You gotta have something to wash it all down with right?


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