For those of you that don’t know me very well, I must confess that I HATE to shop. Yes, I know this is not something most women would admit to, but I seriously think I missed out on that particular gene. Grocery Shopping is the worst.  The idea of having to get in the car, drive to a crouded store, push a cart around like a vender at the circus, all while trying to read a list with out my glasses, answer my phone…because this is the only time they call me, and not to get  run over by the guy in his battery powered shopping cart is enough to make me break out in hives! None the less on a recent trip, I found myself engaged in the difficult task of trying to explain to a clerk what disposal cleaner was.

                                                                   I had wandered up and down the isles looking in all the logical places for those little tables you drop in your garbage disposal to make the bad smells go away. I had thought that I would find them neatly placed among the dishwashing liquids but nope, so I tried the cleaning products isle…still nothing. After about 10 minutes a young man approached me to ask if I needed help finding something.  Makes me wonder how long they were watching me on the video cameras. I told him I was looking for garbage disposal cleaner. What he heard however was the word garbage and proceeded to have me follow him to the trash bags. I smiled politely and tried again…. no I don’t need garbage bags, I need the tablets you toss in the sink to make the smells go away…his eyes lit up and he smiled as we bound off for the bathroom isle and he glee-fully snatched a package of Ty-Dee bowl tablets off the shelf.  

Again I smiled but I could feel the frustration starting to rise. no…these are for your toilet bowl not your sink. I need GARBAGE DISPOSAL tablets. I watched as the smile of victory faded from his face, to be replaced by a puzzled look.  You mean your bathroom sink?…  NO..I mean my kitchen sink!  The puzzled look now became one of shock and I think possibly horror because I am sure he was thinking at this point that we use our kitchen sink for our bathroom, but I pressed on and tried one more time. know that little gaget in your kitchen sink where you toss leftover food? That is a garbage disposal and I need the tablets that clean it. We stood there in silence for a moment until another gentleman approched and asked if there was a problem. The first guy told him what I was looking for and we were off again…right back to the bathroom cleaner isle and more Ty-Dee bowl!  Sigh….20 minutes later I found these lemony little sucker tucked on the bottom shelf of the kitchen isle next to something called a “wonder sponge”. With victory at hand, I stood up and produced the product for my new found friends to see. This is disposal cleaner. To my surprise the response I got was, oh that stuff…why didn’t you say so?

Thats time I go to the hardware store! As a final bit of humor…as I was leaving the store the first guy politely said….hope that gets the smell out of the bathroom.

Oh good lord…really?? is this a difficult concept?


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  1. i thought those tablets were discontinued. i remember using them one time, but i think it was a freebie i got in the mail. i haven’t seen them and i didn’t think they were still around. too shay . now you have to remember these guys are alot younger than you and have never seen them or used them before. there not domesticated yet.

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