From as far back as I can remember, things have never been normal, but then that is really a subjective viewpoint I guess. I grew up in a traditional household with two parents and all the catholic guilt one could stomach. I have two older brothers that for some reason now appear to have been raised by a different family, as we are as different as night and day. Maybe being the youngest and the only girl makes a difference? All I am sure of is that when Mom was handing out the life lessons, I was hearing something in Latin it think.

Mom and Dad, god rest their souls were living proof that fairy tales do come true. He met her on a blind date, stood her up twice, left for 3 years with the Navy, came home, proposed and they spent the next 62 years living happily ever after. Both were devout Catholics and tried their best to provide us kids with all the things we needed to become good people. Luckily we got most of it right most of the time.  

Every now and then we let our catholic slide and that usually ended up with a few dozen Hail Mary’s and sore knees! But all in all I do think they were proud of the people we became.

As I said I have two older brothers. When I say older I mean much older. After 11 years of trying my parents had pretty much decided that another baby just wasn’t in the cards. What they didn’t know was that my grandfather had a hot line to someone in power and as his final gift to my father, he hand-picked me and sent me on my way. At 36 my mother being a brave soul, did the whole labor and delivery thing again and on July 16, 1960 presented my father and my brothers with a bouncing baby girl. I am sure that they had no idea just what they had done, but they were about to find out.

Thus began my life and the insanity!


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  1. Hey hey! I will try not to talk religion. 🙂 I like the story of your parents and the way you describe your life.

    “I have two older brothers that for some reason now appear to have been raised by a different family, as we are as different as night and day.”

    That is sad to read. Are you talking with them from time to time?

    • Thanks Hibiscus. I don’t mind religious discussions but I tend to stay away from them because it is just one of those things that I have very strange view about and that tends to upset most people. I am glad you enjoyed the story about my parents. They were my hero’s and living proof that real love does exsist in this world. As for my brothers, well I would like to tell you that I do talk to them often but no matter how many times I try, end up with silence. I understand them more than they understand me I think.

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